Seller Referral Program

EARN $1,000 CASH

Earn up to $1000 with every referral!

You read that correctly, Have a friend or family member that’s thinking about selling their home? Refer them to our office and if we purchase their home we will pay you $1000 Cash!

You have more influence than you think…

You probably know more people ready to sell their house than you realize. Use your personal media following, friend network or business associates to dig up leads so you can get paid!

How it works

Referral Program

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More Information About 
Our Buying Process

What kind of houses we buy:
  1. Foreclosures
  2. Rentals
  3. Probates
  4. Willed estates
  5. Abandoned/ neglected homes
  6. Fixer uppers
  7. Duplex’s
  8. Condos
  9. Apartment Buildings
  10. ….And so much more
Our ideal seller:
  1. Individuals in foreclosure or soon to be.
  2. Someone who has unwanted tenants.
  3. Someone who owns a vacant or abandoned property.
  4. Someone who inherited a property they cannot afford payments on
  5. Someone who has let a property fall in to disrepair
  6. Someone who wants to get rid of a rental property
  7. An individual getting rid of a property in a divorce
  8. An executer of a will dividing estate assets
  9. Someone who is embarrassed of the state of their property
  10. Someone who needs to close fast.
Seller Benifits:
  1. We pay cash
  2. We cover most normal closing costs
  3. We buy directly from you-meaning no commissions for you to pay
  4. We purchase your house “as is,” so you don’t need to make any repairs or do any cleaning
  5. We can usually close in your time frame
  6. We have a respected reputation, and work hard to maintain our strong regional brand through our systems and standards.

Start A Referral And Get Paid!